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Time to Embrace Change

Most people hate the thought of change and I hate to admit it, but I fall in line of most people. Change is inevitable whether we are prepared for it or not. Lately, I have been making changes in my life that I feel like I have some control over. So let me help you gain a sense of control too. I've discussed feeling "stuck" in previous post and I decided to make a few changes to fix the discomfort of feeling stuck. I decided to take the leap and quit my dead in annoying ass job that I felt "stuck" at for the past ten years, I completely moved from the state and only home I've known for most of my life, I started my own business and I'm now focused on bettering my health and looking the fuck goodt with a "T" honey. I know some of those changes are big as hell and may seem a little extreme, but sometimes the extreme is necessary. I didn't feel like I was growing or flourishing in my previous life and now I feel like life is blooming. So my advice; stop second guessing yourself, stop making excuses, stop being afraid and just make the change, start that business, start that health journey, dump that man or that woman, shoot that shot, just do it. You never know what you're capable of until you push yourself. I made a big change to make some big change (cha-ching). So B4 you think that you can't, just know that you can and I believe in you!! Byyyyeeee Beautiful.

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