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This Sh!t Don't Fit

Sometimes you have to lose a little weight. Yeah I said what I said, it's time to lose that dead weight. Free yourself of things and people that no longer "fit" your lifestyle or your purpose. I know I personally have a terrible habit of trying to fit into some shit that has zero stretch or room for growth. There are friends and jobs that don't deserve space in my life, but sometimes my own insecurities get in the way of cutting them TF off. Here is the time where you have to come to terms that you're tired of trying to squeeeeeeeze into a life that you have completely outgrown. So "B4" you go, take a second to think about the life you want to live, then think of what or who you have to cut loose to obtain that life... then.... DO THAT SHIT!! You're way too fly to carry around all that dead weight, so it's time to lose it.

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