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What's standing in your way of being the best version of you?.... My answer is ME and it's a damn shame. I keep holding myself back from growth because: I'm afraid of change, I don't like to be confrontational, I try to avoid upsetting people, I try too hard to impress with little to no reward, waaaaayyyy too much self doubt and I tend to settle. So today I decided, it's time for me to move out of my own way.

Settle?!?!?! Settle for who?? Settle for what?? I can't continue to act like I don't know what I want and continue to settle for some half ass shit. I know I want more money, I know what I want in a partner, I know what I want out of a friendship. So why settle for jobs that don't respect my time and value, why settle for a partner that doesn't meet my requirements, why let my friends continue to not show up and show out when I need them to?? It's time for entrepreneurship, it's time to date with purpose, it's time for new friends.

Self-doubt is where I crumble, I never think I'm good enough or capable but let me tell you something...FUCK THAT I recently realized how great I am, I can literally do anything I set my mind to: cook, create, produce, influence, bartend, event plan, make-up, wig making...etc etc. I'm fucking impressive so I'm no longer going to go out of my way to impress people or a job that doesn't care about me or my well being. Welcome to the season of me working my wage, I'm only going above and beyond for myself.

No more Mrs. "yes man". I've been so content with letting people say and do what they want to me, my only response is "you're right" or "ok" when I KNOW a mf is wrong as fuck. It's time for me to hold the people around me accountable, I'm no longer going along to get along. I'm saying what I need to say and we can tussle if you want to tussle lol. Anyway I say all this to say, it's about to be a new year so take a second and reflect on what obstacles are in your life and focus on removing those bitches one by one "B4" the new year starts. Let's enter the new year on a clean slate!! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!! byyyyyyyyeeeee BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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