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Facing All Trauma (FAT)

You know what's hard... coming to terms with who you really are. Now before I dive in deep, this is just a quick thought that I have often. What the fuck is the big deal with being FAT? Why is it so hard to come to terms with? When I take a look back on my life, some of my most traumatic experiences stemmed from the way I look. Too fat for friendship, too fat for love, shit too fat for just genuine kindness. It took me a loooong time to realize my beauty and really appreciate me for, me. I still struggle a little, but "B4" I go on a tangent and fat shaming myself; I'm going to release and be Freed of All Trauma. So "B4" I go I want you to know that beauty, love and kindness have no size and you deserve it all plus more.

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Cynthia Grady
Cynthia Grady
Nov 11, 2022

Hey beautiful ❤️

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